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Hi guys,

Made some modest gains over the last year or so, so I know this stuff works but I got curious the other day. I get how the sponge tissue expands and stays that way but how does the skin stretch further and same for the urethra. I know there’s some play with the skin, being it sags, but do you eventually hit a point based on how tight your penis skin is that it risks stretching any bigger for fear of tearing? And how does the urethra elongate through PE? Just wondering here, trying to stay well educated, thanks in advanced!

The stretching outward of many exercises can stretch the skin do it would seem that the outward tug would slowly elongate the urethra. Because this process happens relatively slowly the urethra should have time to add new cells as well. This is all speculation on my part, a vet might have a better answer.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

It’s made out of smooth muscle, which as evident by big gainers, will grow.

Wikipedia on smooth muscle growth;

Growth and rearrangement

The mechanism in which external factors stimulate growth and rearrangement is not yet fully understood. A number of growth factors and neurohumoral agents influence smooth muscle growth and differentiation. The Notch receptor and cell-signaling pathway have been demonstrated to be essential to vasculogenesis and the formation of arteries and veins. The proliferation is implicated in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and is inhibited by nitric oxide.

The embryological origin of smooth muscle is usually of mesodermal origin. However, the smooth muscle within the Aorta and Pulmonary arteries (the Great Arteries of the heart) is derived from ectomesenchyme of neural crest origin, although coronary artery smooth muscle is of mesodermal origin.

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