Urethra healing rate

I took a break for about 5-7 days long recently and still on it. The reason was because I got a strange itch/rash and I thought that was it but I did some searching and it was what I think are flea bites, but now that I’ve recovered, I’ve noticed that my entire time on these rest days that my urethra feels similar to the same way it does a day or two after workouts. The base part of the urethra feels normal but the part closest to the glans still feels tender in a way and when I massage it feels slightly different from normal. It is a step above tender but still doesn’t feel normal, I don’t know how to describe it but sometimes when I massage it I can feel it like it’s still healing. It is usually tender even on the middle and base after work outs but I’ve been on for the longest break since I began and it still doesn’t feel complete. Anybody pay extremely close attention to their penis like I do and see similarities?