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urethra envy?


So many possibilities come from one speculation.

Hole size. Is this the meatus? Think so.

This hole size may or may not have anything to do with the power force of pissing and, or ejaculating. As a sixteen year old I shared a dormitory room with two other guys, both of whom where hung like a horse. I wasn’t. Yet both admired my ejaculatory distance. It went over my head and hit the wall high up. (It also made a loudish splat though I don’t think they ever heard that.) This is kind of gross, I know, but many mornings I would wipe the wall off with a wet sock and that was how they eventually found out about my distance. (I was shy about the whole masturbatory thing and attempted discretion but one guy was observant.) I don’t think I have a large meatus or piss hole.

Is it that the hole size makes a difference? Or, does the urethra have muscles in it helping with distance? Or is it just hose like and diameter means volume at less pressure? Or is the urethra flexible and like the anus can expand or contract depending upon some unknown condition; excitement, nervousness, volume to be expressed, a relaxed state due to some micro nutrient from the last meal?

The fellow at work has a very large glans and flaccid girth size but I don’t know about hole size. (We shared a hotel room at a work conference and he wasn’t shy about changing.) But maybe his pissing pressure and sound is due to a large hole size just as a thicker lawn hose would make a louder, deeper sounding (thundering) splash. How his weapon works in ejaculatory distance I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking him. But if my sound was thunderous then it would seem that hole size is more complicated but having never seen any other meatus, or pissing hole, before, I have no frame of reference.

This AM had another, close to thunderous piss, but then have no immediate frame of reference and the memory isn’t that vivid in this regard, only in reference to my own personal toilet reference, the young fellows expression and memories from my youth. All of which is not terribly scientific. Maybe I should make a sound clip, not!

Sixinchman, the double hole thing is a conundrum. Do you really mean, two separate holes, or one hold that is sort of oblong shaped like a pretzel and either joined or separated at the middle? Curious.

Regarding mrlength’s remark re: girth size, an interesting question. I wonder. How would one set up a fact finding survey. Why don’t you set up the questions and speculate on the possibilities, mrlength.


I am sure part of my girth is the fat urethra I have. One time I was looking at a medium sharpie, probably a little larger than a AAA battery, definately larger than a regular pen, I decided to stick it in my penis, went down no problems all the way to the end. I do think this does have adverse effect on squirting, I have big loads, they just sorta ooooooooooze out.

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Originally Posted by CoczUp

Sixinchman, the double hole thing is a conundrum. Do you really mean, two separate holes, or one hold that is sort of oblong shaped like a pretzel and either joined or separated at the middle? Curious.

I have one hole, but I have a blind hole (one that doesn’t pee out of) slightly above it.. Ill try and get a photo of it soon.

It looks like there is 1 big one, but there is a flab of skin in the middle and the top one doesn’t connect to anything.

I think it’s a result of your girth. There was a puzzle question I saw a while back: if you have gold ring, and add particles to it, while the outer radius gets larger, will the inner radius increase or decrease? That question has actually been in my head for months since I started PE, and i was thinking about the pissing sound as well. Silly, I know. I also wondered, as urethra size grows, is it harder to shoot long streams due to the pressure drop?

I think the combination of my girth growing, and flaccid length getting bigger, has given me a louder sound too.

How funny are us guys, analyzing what makes a loud piss sound, and how we can attain it. Vanity on a whole new level gentleman.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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In india tantric’s insert catheter’s into the urethra and suck up liquids with it and eventually widen the urethra so much that they can suck on their partners clitoris with it (imagine that). The book “Tantra: Cult of the Feminine” has instructions on how to do this if you’re all that interested but it does seem fairly dangerous, be very careful.

I just posted a thread in the newby section on this topic. I’ve seen videos of guys doing urethra exercise so to speak called sounding. They purposely put sounding devices (Usually stainless steal objects specifically made for the purpose) into their penis. These devices vary in thickness so one can slowly expand the urethra, depending on the device. I’ve seen some who are so expert they can now put AAA batteries inside, ten marbles, their own finger all the way in. Apparently there is some kind of sexual kick from it. As with PE. It could be called UE ha!

What do the readers here think of this? Would you like a bigger urethra? Have you tried it? Personally, admittedly I had tried it with other objects before I read or saw anything about it but I don’t do it often as it can cause pain. I am surprised there are so many into it and to the extent. My own urethra is relatively small I think. The widest thing I have used is fish tank plastic tubing. Be warned. If you do try this, it is wise to use something very smooth with no sharp edges, then you may be OK. If you do have pain later, it’ll go away usually in a couple of days.


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