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upwards curvature

upwards curvature

Hey folks.

going to start a routine this weekend and have been readign tons of info about jelqing.

I have a question, my member curves slightly upwards when erect. I dont mean it curves up but the actual shaft curves slightly upwards. Before i start my routine should i add anything like jelqing downwards etc?

Thanks in advance!

This is pretty normal, are you sure you want to ‘correct’ it?

Jelqing against the curve, stretching, hanging, pumping may all help, try these posts.

no i dont think its a real issue, just been looking around and noticed that the longer the member the more straight it is so was wondering if when i get results with the jelqing if it will continue to curve or go striaght.

Oh I forgot, nice to meet you I hope you get a lot out of this forum :)

Not sure where you get your curvature data from. Whats the source? I’ve conducted my own private study over the years ;) and I can’t say I’ve noticed that.

If anything if you are doing kegels, your erections will get harder and the curve more noticable.

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