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Upward stretch question

Upward stretch question

Hello dear fellows,
I am in my 7th month of PE,following the newbe routine,
With a few modifications i did over time.

Ever since i started,I gained 1cm in length.
Sadly,this gain fluctuates too much to be
Considered as a proper gain by me.

My routine as of late:
20 to 30min rice sock
20 to 25min stretches,just the basic stuff
35 to 50min jelqing,200 5/6sec strokes
20min warm down with a light stretch

I have an upward curve and my erection
Is pointing up and out.

I’ve been reading alot about everything,
LOT theory and all sorts of techniques.

I feel now,that i know why i’m a slow gainer.

When i do stretches,in all direction,its easy
And i can pull on my member and stretch quite far.
Accept for SU.
When pulling up,i can barely get a tug beyond

There is some sort of cord,running along the shaft,
From base to glans,
On the upper side of my member,deep within.

I feel this metal cord is whats holding me back.
If i could make this cord just a bit more flexible
I know i could gain alot.
The thing is,only when doing the upward pull,
Is when i feel this cord the most.
I can do an extreme BTC and SD pulls
Without any problem.

Do i need to work harder and longer on SU ?
How can i make this cable less rigid ?

Thanks a head and sorry for the english

Bumping up my question politely :)

Hanging BTC for 3- 4 months straight gave me nothing, focusing on downward stretching for the last few years whenever doing a routine gave almost nothing.

My conclusion is now to experiment with most focus on upward stretching and already seeing small positive mm signs after only a couple of weeks with emphasis on upward dynamic stretches.

Many here says the LOT theory is not to be taken into consideration, well, that’s why it’s a theory and it does seem to be working for the Bib’ster disciples so why not give it a go with manual stretching as well. Somebody has to, so why not me and you? Good luck.

And forgot to add that I like your realistic goal, some if not most of us here a beyond disillusioned. 18 cm is a very good and respectable erect size to have.

Thank you,for you’re answer and you’re words :)

I will try to stretch against my ligs more,fighting an upper ligs.

I have already tested some longer SU stretches,and as you said,it was beneficial.

The goal of a 18cm member for me is a fantasy.i would love to have one this big.
But i will be more than happy with a 16.5 or a 17cm.
Optimistic and realistic here

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