Updating Rosy Red Head

Hey guys thought I would bring this back since I haven’t posted any replies since this thread Rosy Red Head

Yes I was very serious in my gains. I stuck to a very dedicated schedule of a 10-15min hot night shower. This keeps my entire body warm and gives me more time to jelq without losing heat. I dry myself off and stay in the steamy tub. I start with some stretches: up, down, left, right, straight out, BTC stretch both left and right. I also do the crank stretch which really loosens up all of my ligs. Each hold is 30 seconds and I ease into it as hard as I can. I warm up again and start with the jelqs. I do 30 firm semi-slow jelqs with my dick pointing down to the floor, then shake it a few times to get blood flowing. I jelq till about 120 or so and squeeze the base to get a firm erection. I let it fade and grip to start the slinky jelq which REALLY does boost girth. 10 or so slow bends each way and I’m usually good. Then I wrap for 10min on, 5 off, 10 onto make sure I’m healed by tomorrow.

I took a month long break because the discoloration and curve of my penis has gotten more profound. The glands are returning to a more pinkish hue, but the skin has a leathery look to it. I started up last night, loosing some girth and length but still holding on to everything very well. I want to take it slow and moisturize more to get my skin back to a smooth and creamy color. Hoping for 6.5BPEL and 6EG by this may. Will follow up.