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Updates on me and my Routine

Updates on me and my Routine

Hey Guys.

Thank you all for getting me started and answering all of my newbie questions. I know grent wanted to know this and I’m sure more are interested.
This is my routine.
4 minutes worth of this: 5 second kegel holds, stretching the penis toward belly
200 reps of 1 second kegels with penis stretched out straight

I started on 12/19 and I have gained 1/16. I can get 0.25 inches on top of that POST session.
I’ve finally started having a better penis thanks to this and the fact that I’ve stopped masturbating 3x/day, and started taking Arginine.

Thanks everyone! (I will still be around, I have an inch to gain!)

How erect is your penis during your routine? Like 60-80%?

I don’t jelq.. I’m completely flaccid. Anyways, kegels would kill an erection.

So your whole workout only takes like 10 minutes at most? Thats wicked short.ill have to try it if you’ve had gains already though, congrats. Have you ever tried the BTC stretch?

Yep! My routine is about 10 mins actually because no jelqing.. And well I’m stupid and don’t warm up :( My routine isn’t perfect but I’m happy with it. Can’t argue with results. I made my routine based off a DLD Blaster. It’s basically laziness.. Combining the kegels with stretching, but the kegeling has the JAI Stretch effect. I haven’t tried BTC stretch nor do I think I will.

PS: Also if you think about it, the newbie routine only has 10mins max stretching.. 5 working to 10.

Congrats on your gains, but think.. Since you’ve had gains from just those exercises, imagine if you put a little more effort into it say an extra 10 to 15 minutes for a good stretch and some jelqing? Results could be awesome!


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