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Updated routine=1/4 bpel

Updated routine=1/4 bpel

First I wish to thank this forum for keeping me headed in the right direction.

My last post was a discription of my routine and it was responded with ‘too short of a routine’ so here is the update.

3-5min wrap
3-5min stretch
45-60 min. jelqing
3 min stretch
3 min wrap.

20 min kegels during drive to work

20 min. stretching in the evening before bed.

I think the kegels are improving the erections because my wife noted that I was ‘rock hard’ the other night during sex. She doesn’t know I have been ‘working out’ but I think she is noticing the results. :)

Thanks again,

it sounds good.
Have you read the article by Soon
“Quickstart guide to manual….”
Is a very good post.

Maybe with the time you can try some
variations of jeql
(personally i like very much
Jeql squeeze
and Stretched Jeql…
they seem to work good to me)
and for stretch
have you tryed
A-stretch (for tunica is great
in my opinion)
and V-stretch
(it seems to be great too)
also Dld blaster
is interesting for me,
and I use some fowfer
during the day, sometimes.

You can take a lot of idea
Anyway take it easy
and try the advanced ways
when you are confident
with the basic….

Only an opinion, hum?

Good luck



Thanks for the input.

I looked at the video on the A stretch and I’m not that big to get it around my wrist like that-maybe in time. Or maybe I need to re evaluate the video.

Also, I forgot to mention that I do some jelq squeezes about every 5 minutes or so.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions.

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