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Hello everyone,

Been a long time since I have last posted here. Have been extremely busy to say the least, which actually I believe helped me get where I am at now.

Quck recap on my situation:

I began PE’ing a few years back (VERY inconsistantly) to the point that I did not see any gains. I stopped for a long time as I tried the mental “be happy with what you have” mentality. But of course the desire to have a larger penis never went away. In my quest to a larger penis I asked my doctor about the possibility of enlarging my penis to where he shut it down and said “don’t waste your time, money, and energy on fairy tales” Needless to say that’s what discouraged me and so again I abandoned my effort. This whole time I was with 3 different women that all said I was on the “larger side” one even said “I love your penis, it’s perfect!” that was a huge ego booster and I started believing hey, maybe a 6.5x5 inch penis is good enough.

Then I met a woman that brought me back here…who i am still actually seeing. She said the words that were not horrible but enough to make me desire a larger penis again. She says the sex is good. “Your penis is right there, not big or not small…” Now maybe I am overreacting but that statement to me means…eh, it’s nothing special.

Since that day two things have happened. I began PE again and I went back to my doctor.

First about the PE, feeling I have tried the stretching/jelqing without much luck, decided to try the penis extender route and see where that went. And I am pleased to day that it HAS worked for me. Now not by much but enough to show on the ruler. up .25” in just over 2 months. Now I don’t want to give it all the credit since I have also done some jelqing during this time. Nothing too extreme but daily. Maybe this was the combo I needed! Hope the gains continue.

As far as going to my doctor, the funny thing is he asked me out of the blue “I hope you are no longer trying the goofy exercises or scam products you asked about” Of course I smiled and laughed it off and said no of course not. All while deep down I wanted to whip out my now slightly larger penis. But maybe I’ll wait to see the progress continues. Hope it’s not temporary. It just scares me that doctors are so sure there is not real way to enlarge your penis. Hope they are wrong.

Anyways just wanted to share my update and hope to be on here much more now that ai began my journey again.

Current: 6.5"BPEL x 5"EG First Goal: 7" x 5.75" Ultimate Goal: 8" x 6" Hey Peter North has one.....why not me?

Good. Keep doing.


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