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Unusual PE lube


It really helps for when you need a harder erection for erect jelqing or clamping. That keeps the chaffing down when strokin’ it.

One of the best things I use is Aloe Vera Gel 70% with 30% DMSO. DMSO is good for vascularity and circulation and is used for rub down on horses. Hey, don’t we all want to be like a horse? The consistency is very good and I like the thought of getting the vascularity/circulation component too. It is very kind to my skin and feels great. You can find it on the web cheap.

Thunder beat me to it.

Nothing that is advertised as “good” is actually any good for you. They never point out their ingredients properly - they just say names that sound good which make you buy it. Afterall, nothing beats olive oil or EVO ;)

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Xl: Cost of baby shampoo = $1.89
Cost of hot water in shower = $.53 (depending on what all yer doin’)
This thread = priceless

I’d rather not jelq in the shower myself; I made the suggestion for guys who do PE (not PEE) in the shower. For myself, I lube with a witchhazel ointment, which controls varicose veins. I’d use Preparation H, but don’t like my cock smelling like shark liver oil. Although they do make a gel without the fish junk. (Now if they had one that smelled like tuna.. Oh, never mind.) See Dealing with Varicose not thrombosed vein

Yes, I know I’m tempting you guys to another spate of jokes. I’m starting to feel like the straight guy in a comedy routine! :) Kinda like Langemann’s “stretching with the anal” thread. But heh, I’m willing to try anything to get this PE down right without doing injury to myself. I don’t mind the repartee; enjoying it, in fact. But as a newbie, any serious feedback would be welcome on the varicose situation.

And xl, weren’t you trying to develop your own PE lube?

The best I have found is coco butter, or other types of body butter. I also make my own oil/lotion mix using coconut oil as the base.


It is still in the process of being made, tested, and perfected. It takes awhile. It takes a lot of research too.


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