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Unusual bend

Unusual bend

I am new to this website, but I looked around and I’m not sure I found something that really helped me out. My story could be a bit weird, but since I finally found a website like this, I’d like to ask, because I was hoping there was a way to correct it, but I was scared to try anything without finding out if I was gonna fuck it up more..

I’m 18 years old (almost 19). I have a downward bend in my penis, it is only noticeable when erect. The unusual thing about it is that the bend is just out from the very base, so it causes my erection to point at a slight downward angle. My penis is straight aside from this bend, but I’m not fond of it hanging down. I am sure of how it happened. When I was younger I felt very awkward about having an erection so I was very eager to hide it, and unfortunately one of the biggest things was that I shared a bed and that really made me to hide it. I remember that it used to be straight, but it feels like it’s been bent like this forever. I don’t remember when I really noticed that it was bent, but it was at a fairly young age and when I realized it was hanging downward I wondered why and when it hit me, I stopped “hiding” it because I was scared it’d get worse.

So when my penis is erect it is actually a little below parallel to the ground. The angle bothers me a bit because I feel like it should at LEAST parallel. The thing that bothers me the most though, is that I feel like my erections aren’t really that hard, and I’ve tested little things out of curiosity.. When I’m erect my penis can move around in all directions very easily, which I don’t feel like it’s supposed to do that.. The penis itself doesn’t bend very easily except where the “bend” is. So it can bend downward at that point pretty easily.. It bothers me because I don’t want to have trouble when I end up having sex (I’m a virgin.) One thing I’ve tried that makes my penis way harder while in erection is “bending” a bit against where the curve is. If I place my thumb of one hand right above the the curve and pull my penis upward so that it’s completely straight, it gets probably 50% harder. The only other way I’ve seen it be any harder was one time after I tried jelqing. It was my first time every jelqing and I’ve only tried it once so far, but after I was done I tried to get it to full erection just out of curiosity and it seemed bigger and it was definitely harder.

My questions after telling the story are these:

1) Are there any stretches that could possibly straighten the bend out and allow me to rise to or above parallel while erect?

2) Will jelqing help the curve at all?

Thanks guys

Originally Posted by stickit

My questions after telling the story are these:

1) Are there any stretches that could possibly straighten the bend out and allow me to rise to or above parallel while erect?

2) Will jelqing help the curve at all?

Thanks guys

This is a great opportunity for you to really learn how to use the ‘search’ function well; so much has been written on straightening curves.


1) Not everyone reaches parallel or above when erect. It may be genetic. Kegels and jelqing will help you obtain the hardest possible erection (for you). If it is hard, it really doesn’t matter what the angle is. To some degree your suspensory ligament length and attachment points will dictate your erection angle.

2) Curves are very slow to change, but many guys have improved curves by jelqing and bending; again, try the search button (advanced). It’s not easy to totally eradicate a curve, but reducing it is certainly possible for perhaps the majority of guys who are willing to be consistent over long periods of time.

Most importantly, it’s your penis. Learn to like it just how it is now and don’t worry about it too much.

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Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Try out V stretches.

Jelqing for periods of time should cause the curve to become less pronounced but I doubt it can reverse it completely.

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Thanks for the input guys. I did search before posting, but it seemed like a lot of mixed signals back and forth. I guess the main thing I’m worried about is the strength of my erection, which you basically answered how to fix (firegoat). I’ll check out V stretches, and I’ll definitely do kegals and jelqing (I’ve tried both a little.) Luckily, kegals can be done anywhere, haha. Thanks again.

Doesn’t this just mean that some tendons are stretched more than others?

Originally Posted by cerealkillerz
Doesn’t this just mean that some tendons are stretched more than others?

See, that’s what I was wondering.. Actually. I guess I didn’t really communicate it though. Would it actually cause scar tissue from overly “tucking” it as I was young or does it just stretch a certain side, or what? I’m a bit scared of trying to bend it back or anything, but I have tried bending it to “straight” and a little bit past straight while I have an erection just to see how it looked/felt and it doesn’t hurt, the bottom side just gets tense and my erection gets really strong.. If I could possibly stretch the bottom tendons more than the top while doing PE, maybe I could straighten it out and then do a normal routine after it’s straight? I’m not exactly sure, I’m going to read more and find out a lot before I actually try something. I don’t want to ruin my tool, that’s for sure. I only get one.

Hi stickit. All I wanna say, is that don’t worry about the angle/bend. Your penis will work just fine during sex, no problem. The “problem” is in your mind. I could relay to myself, my penis is Bent halfway out on the shaft. It bends downwards and a bit twisting to the right, causing the shaft to be thickest on the middle. It has been this way since I was 13-14 y.o. I was worried that my penis would be difficult to do penetrations with, but that was all in my mind. It worked perfectly.

The percentage of guys that have a total straight penis straight out from their bodies, are very small compared to all us guys who have a bend/curve or pointing upwards or hanging down.

If it turns out you are not able to straighten out the bend - them stop worrying about it - your penis will be perfect for the girl that see you as “Mr. Right”.

Take care

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m fairly comfortable with the angle, but I guess the thing I worry about most is not having a strong enough erection. Luckily, I’ve found out that worry should be easily fixed with jelqing and kegals. I actually just decided to really measure for the first time today. I always felt like it was small because the only thing I have to really compare it to was porn. I don’t have a ruler, so I’m not sure the length measurements are perfect, because I was using a measuring tape.

FL: 4”
FG: 4”
NBEL: about 6 3/4”?
EG: 4.6”

I’m gonna get a ruler to help with the erect length because the curve downward makes a difference.. I tried to measure “straight” and it was about 6 3/4, but when I went along the entire top of my penis it was about 7”. Because of what I’ve learned recently about average penis sizes, I’m actually fairly comfortable with my length, but I wouldn’t mind getting an extra inch or two from PE. I do want to improve my girth for sure though, I feel like it’s a bit small. I think I’d like to be a minimum of 5” in girth. Anyway, thanks for the input everyone. I’m going to get to PE’ing and see how I gain within about a month or so

I think that I recall mention of vacuum pumping having been claimed to be useful to straighten out bent erections. Since I do not personally know about the use of pumping in that regard I am not suggesting that it will be useful. You would need to do your own research on that.

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