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Unreliable measurements

Unreliable measurements

Anybody else have a hard time believing their measurements? My log tells me that I went from BPEL 5.2 to 5.7 in. But are these true gains? Am I just jamming the ruler into my pubic bone way harder than in the past? It can be hard to get up a 100% erection and measure it before it goes down to 80-90% again. I get doubtful of my measurements sometimes, which is frustrating because I want to know clearly if I really did gain .1 in compared to last week or not, so I can either keep the workout the same or increase intensity accordingly.

Maybe I’ll really believe I can gain from PE once I hit 6 in BPEL.

Nov 25, 2012 -> BPEL 5.7, MEG 4.75

Goal -> BPEL 7.0, MEG 6.0

I never trust a single measurement. There is too much variability from day to day to know what is your natural state.

Try taking several measurements at different times and conditions, and use the average.

I find my measurements vary as much as 1/2” . I typically ignore 1/4” differences. If I consistently hit a mark over a long period of time, then I am satisfied that is my real size.

I would agree with the above, but also add that I think that as the skin gets used to the bone press, you can press harder. I have gained 1/2 in 2 months, but I don’t think its totally reliable, as I didn’t realize how much it fluctuates (my first measure may have been when it was measuring shorter) and I can also press harder. So I think I have gained only 1/4 inch or less in that time.

In the first few weeks for me it was measuring consistently between 7.5 and 7.75, and now it is measuring consistently between 7.75 and 8.

I would also not measure BPEL too often in the early stages as an indicator, but rather BPFSL, as it will be more reliable, and usually goes up before your BPEL for most people.

It’s possible that maybe 0.1 or 0.2 inches of your gain might have come from changing measuring technique, or from EQ differences. I went through the same phase of wondering if it was for real. But if you’ve gained 0.5” some of that is definitely real gains. Try to measure BPEL with maximum EQ and take multiple measurements, going for a new max once a month or something. Press all the way into the pubic bone each time you measure. And like subbuilder said, BPFSL is a great way to get consistent measurements since it takes EQ out of the equation. But even then, remember that with BPFSL it takes time to reach your max. Like if I warm up and stretch for a few minutes, my BPFSL is about 0.3 cm longer than when I started. So keep that in mind. Once you’re confident that you’re measuring the same way each time, and you keep gaining, you will believe 100% that it’s working. And the real proof is that your dick is going to undeniably feel and be bigger right before your eyes.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Thanks everyone for your awesome replies. I’ve been consistently measuring every Saturday. I’m gonna keep my faith in PE and continue on. Besides, what are the chances that every single person on this forum is imagining things? Haha.

Nov 25, 2012 -> BPEL 5.7, MEG 4.75

Goal -> BPEL 7.0, MEG 6.0

Measure your BPFSL, It doesn’t vary much.

Thank you for posting this question, I was about to post the same question. I too seem to very day by day. Some days I’m at 7.5” and others at 6.2”. I just do a average of 6.8” . Btw this sis my first time posting too : )

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