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Unknown injury

Unknown injury

Hi there. First of I’ve looked into this by googling ‘thunders place ****’ and I haven’t heard of this one.

After having a really bad xmas I wanked and erect jelqed too much (to PONR) and have sustained an injury and I’m not sure how to fix it. Basically the main vein that normally runs down the top of the shaft has gone out of place-to the right kind of around the glans. I’m not 100% sure if this is the dorsal thickening vein. What I do know is that I have stopped all PE for a week and the vein (which has gone out of place before but gone back soon after). However it’s still the same.

I have had sex with a girl and the unit is definitely still working. Should I stay off PE until the vein has gone back? I’ve also read about the essential oils. At the moment I’m just keegling throughout the day.

Thanks guys, once this is fixed, I’m not gonna overdo this stuff again!

Mr Monow

Yes, you immediately have to stop PE! Seriously!!!
But not forever, you can start all over when you have read EVERY SINGLE TOPIC in here: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info
Jelqing when fully erect is against all advice for newbies!

Please go slow, take PE wisdom collected here seriously and think safety first.
I guess you have just been quite lucky. It could have been a serious injury, so better get PE-wise before going on.
Your dick gave you a strong shot across the bows - so respect that signal.

Sorry for the harsh tone, but your posting just sent me cold shivers down my spine.
I am not a veteran at all, but I think that is simply common sense not to rush into exercises which are not recommended at all in the first days of your PE career.

You only have one dick for your entire life, so treat him gently and better listen when he tries to tell you something

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Yeah-I was kind of high over xmas. I will stop, but I’m gonna assume that it’s OK to have sex with the injury, I didn’t really notice it the other day.

I think it’s quite hard not to get addicted to PE. 2013 resolution is to quit porn. I spent too many years of my life watching other people having sex instead of going out talking to a girl and doing the business.

PE has really given me lots more confidence. The other day I literally met a really classy girl on the bus, took her for a drink there and then and was having wild sex with her about an hour later. Until PE I’ve never had the confidence to do anything like that. I’m thinking that I’m going to turn into a total slut for 2013!

During this break I will see how the kegels by themselves help out in general.

The injury is still there. I’ve noticed that my girth gains are starting to go and EQ isn’t as good. It does seem more stretchy, but I’m more on the girth gains anyway. I really want to get back to PE. I’m also not sure if this is ever going away or if I’m just impatient. Anyone?

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