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Unique situation I think - Help

Unique situation I think - Help

I’ve been browsing these forums for a couple of weeks and have dabbled in PE, mostly stretching and jelqing, for a few years but have never stuck with it much. I’ve now decided to dedicate myself to the task and I have a question.

First, know that my BPEL is about 4.1. That’s on the very short side of things to say the least. However, I’m also at 5.9 EG, so what I have is a fat stub. I’m obviously looking to increase length and am not that concerned about any girth gains.

What are the best exercises I can do to increase length? Is hanging the only way? I’ve been doing the newbie routine faithfully for a couple of weeks and while I’m not looking for any instant gains from that, is that what I should be doing or should I find something else that concentrates more on length?


Holy crap in the girth department.


You would satisfy many a curiosity by posting a picture, but it’s not necessary.

What is your erection angle?

Continue the newbie routine for a couple of months. Do your hot wraps and focus on stretching. Try some V or inverted V stretches.

Nice girth !! :D Same can’t be said about your length. A few power stretching could help ;)

I started out with a super small penis (3.75 BPEL) . I focused on jelqing and in increased some length but mostly girth. So for the last 3 years, I’m focusing only on stretching. I recommend the regular stretches, rotary stretches, butt pull, (and hold for one minute or longer) (this is to distinguish from fowfers which is to sit on it, but when you are short, you cannot sit on it!) and v-stretches. I’ve describe what I call a modified v-stretch in the link from my signature. My approach is to do a little throughout the day.

I believe that when you start out very small, the progress is even slower, because there is less collective tissue with which to stretch. But as you increase the size, the progress increases at a faster rate.

Just know that it is possible to reach your goals, but you have to be very, very, very patient!

Start: (6-27-03/at age 45) 3.75" BPEL, 4.75 EG". Current: 6" BPEL, 5.5" EG ... Update (2/2010): My current love doesn't want me any bigger... can you believe it? So, I've decided to take a break from PE. But I'm still happy to inspire people and respond if you contact me.

My Pics

After the newbie routine, you may want to try hanging. Best for length while affecting girth much less.

Later - ttt

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