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I know this has nothing to do with pe, but I would like the opinion of the guys who have monobrows/unibrows what do you do to get rid of it? Is there actually a “permanent” removal method?

There is definitely permanent removal. Either electrolysis or laser should do the trick and it shouldn’t be too expensive for a small area. Just let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages.

Yes I’ve read things about electrolysis and laser treatment, but I want to know the opinion of a real person, don’t want to burn my face off do I :P

$5 bux = tweezers. Works for me, now I have 2 brows.

I'll mess with this later.

^ Tweezers


Shaving Heads

Yep. “Let your fingers do the tweezing.”

Then there is Gillette Foamy and a straight razor.
As depicted here:
A Christmas Story

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Ye tweezing is good, but is there a product for long term loss, as in forever :P


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