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Uneven Hanging Testicles, solution


Originally Posted by commanderblop
Like Peforeal, I have systematically stretched my (once small) ball sack to one that is average to long. I also used pumping and tugging. I am happy with it now and don’t bother any more.

There was another guy here — can’t rememebr his name — who claimed to have an EIGHT inch hang to his ball sack! He didn’t like it — he said it minimized his penis length and he felt like a farm animal…

PS: I think I heard in sex ed waaay back that over 80% of men have the LEFT nut hanging lower.

<gropes self>

Yep, left one’s lower, right one is bigger.

I have large nuts too, and I thought my sack hung pretty good at around 5”. Eight? Wow. I’d feel like I was carrying a flapjack around in my pants. Or a slingshot.

One of mine is usually lower than the other though it’s not always the same way.Sometimes it’s the right,sometimes it’s the left.I don’t think you can change this,other than to give them a gentle tug when you pee to help keep them evened out.

The problem here, spyderweb, is that you have mistakenly convinced yourself that symmetry is good and asymmetry is bad.

Why? Look at your nuts, one hanging lower than the other, and tell your self “that is perfect”, “that is beautiful”, “that is perfect biological adaptation”, “that is the miracle of nature once again finding a most elegant design”.

There is no reason at all to think that symmetry is better, and I doubt that you could find a woman who would tell you that she gave a rats ass about the hang distance of each ball on her man. This is a problem in your head, not in your sack, that you need to solve.

Well, it’s not that I’m truly concerned about the way my balls hang, I just wanted to know if there was anything we could do about it while we were tugging on our penises. Guess there isn’t really a call for symmetrical testicles, and I’ll leave it at that. Hope those of you who have even hanging testicles, don’t pop one when your pants get to tight, as I see the norm is for them to hang uneven to prevent uncomfort.

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Hang em’ high, Hang em’ Low, Just let em’ Hang!

Originally Posted by 789
I don’t know but there was a member here named Supra that used to use a couple of steel weights around his nuts and his nut sack was long. If I remember, maybe 6 inches or something. He wore ball stretchers all the time.

I’m another ballstretcher. I wear the rings all the time too. But there is nothing that can be done for that left or right nut hanging lower. I’ve read somewhere that most guys hang low on the left.

I don’t know whether it is because of my ballstretching or not, but sometimes I hang low right.but usually left.

The whole thing is is supposed to hang a bit lower. Maybe so they don’t bang together when you walk? Who knows.

But if you go to the gym and check out other guys, they all have a low hanger.

Cut one off. That’ll solve the problem.

It’s normal for them to not hang exactly side by side. Ever seen those ball clacker things? Think that action would be good for the ‘nads?

In the Human anatomy naturally one nut is supposed to hang lower than the other, if your testicles are perfectly aligned than you are abnormal. The left testicle is supposed to hang a couple centimeters lower than the right to avoid collision during athletic movement. Imagine your testicles colliding everytime you jumped into the air. It’s absolutly normal.


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