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Unequal Pressure in ccs

Unequal Pressure in ccs

I have been working out for about a half year now, mostly jelqing and manual stretching. This has resulted in overall better penis health and some gains, but my problem is that I have developed a curvature to the left. This seems to be caused by lower pressure in the left cc, making my unit easy to bend to the left when I`m semi erect, while I can not do so to the right. This is not a problem when I`m fully erected, but causes some problems to my PE. When I jelq it seems that my right cc take the most stress, causing the cc`s not to grow at equal rate. This has resulted in a baseball bat effect only on the right side of my unit, you can imagine how this makes my dick look with the left curvature. I will soon be able to piss around corners, so something has to be done.

My questions are:

1.are there grips that focuses the jelq pressure in one of the cc`s?

2.are there grips that stretches the top of tunica at one side of the shaft? it possible that one the cc`s is not able to maintain high pressure during erections while the other can, and can kegeling help this problem?

I would also like to thank thunders for harder erections (even tough they are curved), and more sexual awareness.

Did you have any bend before PE?

One thing that helps is using an extender, Could be that PE weights would help to, But I think that you should take this serious because this could be pyoronies (spelling?). Maybe you should see your doctor?

Hope that you get some replyes from the experts on this one.

Thanks for the help, but I doubt that it is pyoronies disease. I have read about it, and as I see it that is scar tissue that contracts the cc making it curve. I can not feel such tissue in my unit.

I have always curved slightly to the left, but it got worse after I started PE. I should also mention that my unit has a torsjon anticlockwise with a angular gradient of about 25 degrees, I think this makes it harder to target the right areas when I jelq.

Hmmm, my g/f seems to like my new crazy unit, maybe she likes freaks

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