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Originally Posted by androNYC
All I will say is that as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned a new meaning to the phrase:

"Never trust an old fart”

Which is why at times I DO wear boxers— 'cause there's nothing like a wet air-shart while wearing khakis!

IIRC, I understand that the term results from actual commando practice— underwear traps sand and dirt and will chafe while just BDUs will let dirt fall away— senior noncoms suggested it as a way of overcoming such chafing
And called it ‘going commando’.

But then, these were the same guys that taught me the meaning of the term Ranger piss.
By doing ….

Don’t ask

Oh FUCK that is funny!

I prefer underwear for one simple reason; after I take a piss, I hate the leftover piss running down my leg. I’m not just talking about a wet tip. Sometimes, a few more drops come out as I’m walking or standing up after taking a dump. It’s just super annoying.

Boxer brief or briefs. I find that loose boxers bunch up and make the fit of slim pants awkward, while I find going commando gross, unless you can wash your pants after every wear (or you never shit during the day, or have a bidet or something to get your ass squeaky-clean).

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Originally Posted by Shimarts
Going commando
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Going commando is the practice of not wearing underwear under one’s outer clothing. The term is theorised to be related to the much earlier term “going regimental”, which refers to wearing the kilt military style, that is, without underwear. (see True Scotsman)

This. For those of us who still wear a kilt when ‘on duty’, we still call it “regimental”, never commando.

The rest of the time? I seem to have developed a large underwear collection. For sports, if I’m moving fast, I want something supportive. The rest of the time, it’s whatever comes to hand, or is dictated by the trousers I’m wearing. Most of the time, especially when working, I like to keep everything as hidden as possible.

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I like very loose shorts. In my country is hell-summer all the damn year so lycra or spandex or whatever it is not my thing, sorry.

I wear boxer briefs when I’m wearing my ADS (which is most days).

If I’m not wearing my ADS, I go commando, unless I’m going out in public, in which case I wear the C-IN2 with sling support. Basically it has a built-in elastic band which goes under the balls, lifting and separating them and my cock, so they’re much more front-and-center. Makes me look even huger than I really am. Not that, at my age, anyone’s looking.

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