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Underwear and progess


Underwear and progess

I started wearing boxer briefs after wearing boxers since highschool. From my observation it seems like my penis is smaller flacid when I’m wearing this compared to boxers. So my question is does your underwear matter when it comes to progess of PE?

I can’t answer that in all honesty. There have been ‘studies’ done on the board and most of the fellas seem to think that boxers or nothing at all is better than briefs or even the boxer breifs.

Hopefully one of the other guys will chime in. (My posting in newbie usuallly does it)

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One word for you, son……. GRAVITY.

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I used to wear briefs for a long time. After I began PE’ing, I felt as if my penis was cramped within my briefs. I now wear boxers. Very comfortable.


Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel

If it’s warmer, it’s bigger flaccid. If it’s colder, it’s smaller flaccid. Take that into account. :)


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I don’t notice any relationship between the undies I’m wearing and the size of my flaccid.

I always get jocks with room in front and stick to that.

Tight jeans affect me the worst, It’s too scary to look down.

What if you’re wearing briefs or boxer briefs, what should be the position of the penis for optimum size results? Pointing up, down or semi-sideways? Or is there a relation? I think pointing up can have a later advantage as you age and may make your erect penis still point up since it would be used to this position. What do you think?

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I’d never been comfortable wearing boxers until I really started PE. I used to poke out of the fly or just get too much friction from movement. Now, briefs seem constricting and counter-productive to my goals. When I wear briefs now, I immediately feel the turtling effect they encourage. The natural hang that boxers allow seems much better for maintaining my post PE size (gravity). PE seems to have fixed the previous issued I had: the new flaccid length prevents me from poking out of the fly, and the fullness prevents the friction issues.

I recently took a 1 week break from PE and started wearing boxers rather than briefs and I noticed my flaccid to hang lower than my balls rather than sitting on top of them. I believe boxers give more freedom to your unit allowing it to hang more.

I get a better hang when wearing my “Tigger” underwear.

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Originally Posted by iamaru
I get a better hang when wearing my “Tigger” underwear.

Me too!

And I thought I was the only one.

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Tigger underwear? I don’t get it.please explain this joke.


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