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Understanding FSL and How It's Effected?

Understanding FSL and How It's Effected?

I previously gained an inch in EL using fulcrum stretching. A main PI i monitored was flaccid stretched length(FSL).

I would measure my FSL cold, then warm up for 10 minutes, do my fulcrum routine, and measure my FSL again.
By the end of my sessions my FSL would be (.5inches) longer than it had been when i was “cold”

Now i’m back trying to add another inch to my EL, doing fulcrum stretches and measuring my FSL. Only this time I noticed something.
If i measure my FSL after i warm up and compare it to my “cold” FSL it will usually be (.25-.4) inches longer.

This makes sense since warming up makes everything looser, but how much of a gain should i be seeing from my “warm” FSL to my post workout FSL?

Now that i’m tracking FSL after i warm up and post work out i usually only see a (.1-.2) difference in FSL.

I was able to gain an inch in 6 months and i credited most of my success to closely monitoring my FSL, now i’m kind of confused.

I don’t see what you are confused about. You had significant initial gain then subsequent lesser signs of potential length. Isn’t this consistent with the slower or lesser gains seen by ongoing PE. I say, wow! at that initial gain just from stretching in that period of time. Certainly a 1/4” or anything after is delightful gravy!

Originally Posted by artesuave
Ideally (how) much longer should your FSL be post workout when compared to preworkout?

I would imagine it would vary between person to person especially with different lengths. A 7” FSL may yield a more while a 5” would seem it would yield less. Different girths my play into different results too.

I would notice the same thing though from the start of an extender session to the end. The relaxing of tissues would create a considerable reduction in tension after about 20-30 minutes.

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