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Underdeveloped puberty theory

Underdeveloped puberty theory

I read some articles on the Internet and thought it would be interesting to talk about this.

During puberty some have good growth some don’t. Some get what theirs’ parents/whatever are having and some don’t.

For example if you’re malnourished during puberty you will not have the same growth as if you were eating good , good sleep (EG optimal factors).

So for a person that had been ex. Malnourished during puberty and didn’t get the maximum growth he would been able to get there most
Be something he could be doing to maximize his growth later on?? (Maybe not height but I guess you see my point)

What do you other ppl say about this ?

I think it’s possible that not getting good nutrition/rest, your testosterone levels throughout puberty could affect this, sure. It can affect natural growth such as height as well

On the other hand, I believe Richard Dawkins said in “The Selfish Gene” that a man is as likely to inherit his penis size from his mother’s genetic material as from his fathers. That is, that just because your father had a big dick doesn’t necessarily mean you will.


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