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Under training Please Advise

Under training Please Advise


I think my approach may be a little too over cautious. The past couple of workouts I’ve been waking up with minimal morning wood, and going to bed with almost no night wood.

I realize that the above is a definite negative PI, but I have a pretty good flaccid hang throughout the day. Not to mention my workout is incredibly light.

This is said workout,

15 minutes warm up, Rice Sock
10 Minute Stretch, all directions
250 Jelqs, completely flaccid INCREDIBLY light grip.
50 Kegels
15 minute warm down.

One day on, one day off.

I’ve been doing this pretty diligently for a couple months, I didn’t want to increase time due to being scared of over training.

That being said, am I doing too little, or not giving myself enough time to recover?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It’s important to note that it doesn’t feel as alive as usual. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but I’m sure some of you know exactly what I mean.

I think your routine sounds fine. You might want to tighten up on the Jelqs, though I don’t know if you are going for length or girth. Light Jelqing is going to act more like Edging if you ask me. :)

Give this a nice full read through. It might answer some of the questions and/or doubts you are having. :)

Jelqing & Stretching 101

Thanks jc. Your thoughts are very appreciated. :]

Maybe do kegels to see if you can improve your morning wood.

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