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Under Balls Stretch

Under Balls Stretch

Just wondering if anyone has tried this type of stretch and had any luck with it. Just experimenting the other day I grabbed right under my balls right near the anus with a fisted grip, I then pulled straight up and held it for a bit. The stretch felt great, so I made about 10-20 min a day to try this new strech out to go along with my routine.

P.S I’m sure I didn’t come up with something new.

I have grabbed about the balls sac very occasionally and given it a good old stretch in all directions. I daresay you would end up with the sac skin stretched and the balls lower - No? Does anyone see any point in this?


Well I feel a great stretch in the BC Muscle? I’m guessing that’s the muscle I’m feeling since it’s close to the anus. It doesn’t feel like I’m just stretching skin.

There are a lot of nerves and blood vessels in that region. I’m not sure what a “fisted grip” is, but if you’re just grabbing a handful and giving a yank you might end up hurting something. That end of the penis is firmly anchored to bone (for a reason) and you might end up with a torn ligament (not those ligaments), a torn blood vessel, or a damaged urethra which enters the bulb of the penis (the inner part of the corpus spongiosum) in that area. Frankly, I can’t see it being of much use in a PE situation.

I agree


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