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Uncut stretches?

Uncut stretches?

Hello everyone. Just joined the forum, first time posting. I imagine this is a question that comes up a lot, but the search function yielded nothing for me so here goes. I’m 23, about 6” and hoping to get up to 7.5. I take it stretching is the best way to achieve that goal, but on the video I watched the model was cut. I happen to be uncut and I was wondering what the proper technique would be for an uncut penis. Should I just grab the head with the skin over it? Or should I pull the skin back? Thank you in advance for any advice.

I don’t think it matters but personally I find it hard and ineffective to try and pull the skin back and then stretch. It’s easier to just stretch with the skin over it and it doesn’t seem to have any downsides.

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I’m new and started like Dude151 to stretch with the foreskin over the glans but with that method I didn’t feel so much stretch on the actual penis more on the skin around the base and the balls, I guess because of my TN. So I asked around on the forum and Marinera advised me to pull the skin back and then stretch, its bit of discomfort in the beginning but the stretch feels much more on the actual penis. I’m still struggling with the SU stretches though.

I also got foreskin, I just pull it back a bit and do a kegel just before I do the “O”-clamp around the glans. Then I pull =)

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