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Uncut 's

Uncut 's

I like to here from all the uncut guys who have gained on here. How do you do your wet jelqs? Do you peel the skin back and hold or do you just do it like a cut guy? Same with stretching, should I pull back the skin and grip behind the head or leave it over? I’m looking for length first, doing the newbie routine on here but I’d like some advice form the intact guys here. Thanks and hope to here from y’all!

I gained a lot from manual stretching and I always retracted the foreskin. I don’t think you can get any kind of a good stretch if you leave the foreskin over the glans.

I let the foreskin go over the head when I jelq. I must mention that I never gained any length from jelqing despite doing it for over 2 years.

I’m uncut, what I do is that I put my hand about half way on my dick and very gently pull it back to kinda reduce the excess skin, then perform the jelq movement. Good luck.

Uncut myself,,,,seems the jelqing certainly helps with length,,,(of the foreskin) lol. I have to use both hands, one to pull back the skin on the penis towards the penis base, the other to pull outwards on my penis.

I’d like to show my before n after pics but modesty dissuades that.

I do it severaly ways but first I need to explain that my skin is fully retractable - I think how far you retract can make a difference.

Right at this moment, yes, I type and jelq, I am using just my left hand with thumb and fore finger making an ‘o’ shape, slowly going from botton of shaft to the top; the skin rolls back and forth with it.
When I wet jelq I do a V shape with my fore finger and middle finger either side of the shaft to clamp the skin back and jelq with the other.
And a new one I found was clamping one hand around my balls, just above them and jelqing with the other. The helps lower the balls creating the flacid hung look which I really want.

I am uncut. I dry jelq with the foreskin as it is. When stretching, I retract the foreskin and grab just under the glans.

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I am also uncut.
When streching, I retract the foreskin and grip below the head, and use toilet paper for grip.

When I jelq, I retract the excess skin with my other hand. Because I feel like I am only streching the skin if I don’t do it.

I´m uncut. I did a lot of dry jelqing when I started on 2002 and grew 1”. I never retracted my foreskin to dry jelq and never had any problem with foreskin. My foreskin is neither long nor short, it is exactly the size of shaft and glans. Now I only do EB, but this time with foreskin retracted.

I am uncut, and wet jelqing works fine to me!! My only problem is that when I am jelqing my erection subsides to soon!! Don’t worry about you skin, just do it if your head cover!

I’m uncut but I don’t do wet jelqs so I can’t help you there. Don’t pull back the skin when jelqing or stretching, in stretchin pull it back very slightly and grip hard, same for jelqing; pull the skin back slightly and perform the jelq.

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Uncut, and I’m just doing it anyway it won’t hurt. Letting it slide back and forth at certain times hurt.

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