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Uncut guys,hanger or extender

Uncut guys,hanger or extender


I would like to get an opinion out of the uncircumsized guys about the most comfortable method of PE for them.

Thank you.

Hanging and an ADS are two different types of effects. But from my experience, both are equally uncomfortable for uncut guys, at least for me.

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As an uncut guy I find hanging the most comfortable.

Start with newbie routine, just jelqing and stretching, increase your time and types of stretches and jelqing from there. I’m a month in, got a jes extender last week, I’m actually wearing it right now for the first time, I can’t imagine the extender by itself doing much for you. I think it helps supplement your PE work by keeping the tunica stretched, helping your unit heal in a stretched state. I haven’t started to hang, but I did buy a bib starter and I’ve tried the hanger on, fits nice, I’d imagine hanging is probably very effective, but if your looking for length, I swear the stretches I’m doing seem to be very effective, I can feel it in my penis, not pain, but almost the sensation of micro tears occuring, hard to explain.

I started with very basic stretching, now I’m doing a minute and a half of straight out, down, up, left, right and the 4 cardinal directions (these seem to give the best stretch for me), and I will be adding A and V stretches soon. I’ve gained 3/8 inches in my erect length in one month, granted they are newbie gains, but stretching really seems to be working for me.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

I’m uncut and have so far had not much significant problems with hanging and manual exercises. I am still working on putting together a good ADS, as I am in a uniformed job at the moment and the pants don’t really give much room to work with. The important thing for me was to always work on finding the right fit for yourself through experimentation with the setup of the hanger or your hand’s grip on the penis before diving into an exercise.


I appreciate all of the responses. Will stick to a newbies for a while.Then, hanging + jelqing. I’ll give it 3 months time limit to see results.If not, will try to change the routine.

A snake moves faster,but anaconda enjoys the grip.

clamping and jelqing is the same for cut and uncut i think. When I use ADS I just leave foreskin over head of penis. When I tried to pull back it would slip sometimes and I didn’t like the felling of the ads device touching my penis.

Hi dsx,

How is it possible to wear ADS,without slipping off the penis?

I’m uncut and the only thing I find comfortable is the vac hanger and x sleeves. I’m going to try the extender soon too.

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