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Uncut guys, any tips

Uncut guys, any tips

Hi guys, I’ve just started the newbie routine this week.

I’m trying to follow the exercises/stretches but I’m unsure whether I’m doing them correctly due to having the extra skin there when not erect. For instance, the foreskin will glide over the glands when stretching/jelqing and I’m not sure if I’m just infact stretching the skin rather than the ligaments?

So basically, I’m wondering if any of you uncut guys have any specific tips or methods when jelqing/ stretching?

Thanks in advance

Pull the skin back before gripping.

When stretching, use a gripping aid (personally, I use a piece of cloth from an old t-shirt) that covers not only the part you’re gripping but the head too, and place your hand so the head is in your palm. This will prevent the skin from sliding back up when you pull.

Thanks for your reply.

Should I pull the skin as far back as it will go?

I usually pull it back til there’s no skin folds between my gripping point and the head. The aid is more effective when it covers skin that’s smoothed out. But really, as long as it’s far enough back that it doesn’t get stretched when you pull, that should be enough.

I use one hand to hold back the skin while the other hands gets a grip behind the glans.

For jelqing, it usually don’t bother me that much, sometimes it slides a bit up the glans but usually sit behind it.

Originally Posted by penewbie
I use one hand to hold back the skin while the other hands gets a grip behind the glans.

Pretty much this. It takes some practice, but in a few weeks you should have a good grip on it (pun intended :D ).

As for jelqing, I find dry jelqs to be much more convenient than wet jelqs. There’s also less risk of stretching the skin.

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I just started recently as well, and I’m finding the dry jelqs work best for me. That seems to be the consensus for guys who are uncut, from everything I’ve read.

Still trying to sort out the best way for a manual stretch; going to try using a gripping aid.

As an uncut guy I get my grip as close to the base as possible and focus on stretching the ligaments.

Any attempt I make at stretching further up the shaft results in losing my grip.

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I think I’ll try to grip closer to the base as well then.

Do you guys use an overhand grip? I find the normal grip means I just lose my grip behind the glands.

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