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Uncut fowfers

Uncut fowfers

I’m uncut and was wondering if you retract the skin when doing them. It seems like my skin is getting stretch marks but the thoughts of retracting seems uncomfortable.

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I would think no, do not pull skin back. But maybe you should get this from someone that is uncut.

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I pull back my skin.

I do not do them that often, but my skin is to short, I get that same skin pain that could lead to stretch marks if I do not pull back my skin.

Sit on a pillow maybe that will feel better.

I don’t pull it back. But really if you’re uncut and fowfering the skin is going to be stretched no matter what you do.

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I don’t pull it back, mainly because I can’t. Phimosis sucks.

I do a BTC Stretch on my bed and then lie on my stomach.

If I need more tension, I reposition my thingy, or position myself on my elbows while lying on my stomach and pushing my hips forward.

Hope that helps a bit.


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But if we not pull the skin back, isn’t it the skin which get streched? It feels like its the skin instead of the penis whiched get streched if younot pull back the skin.

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^^Like I said, regardless whether you pull the skin back or not skin is going to be stretched. If you feel its a problem pull it back. Its like jelqing, do whichever you prefer because one way is not better than another.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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