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I am uncircumsized and am having trouble jelqing. Is there a different way to do it if you are not circumsized?

Use the search function for godsake.

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Why? Hows it a problem. I’m uncircumcized and it’s no problem,Id think it would be easier than cut because we have more skin for movement if you know what I mean.

Welcome Wanted,

I’m uncircumsized (uncut) and jelqing, as well as other exercises, poses no problems.

The foreskin acts as natural “lubricant” in the sense that it glides up and down the shaft while it is achored to some surface: The walls of the entrance of the Vagina during sexual intercourse or the palm of your hand during masturbation and jelqing. So, jelqing is very much like jerking off for us “uncuts”, you peel the head (glans) of your dick, push the skin back towards your Pubis, make the OK sign grip (I prefer inverted, you choose what’s more comfortable for you) with your Thumb and Index finger, and “choking” the shaft push the skin towards the head, thus displacing the blood also to the glans. Then slightly release (just enough so you can bring the grip back to the Pubis, “choke” again with the OK grip, push again towards the head, and reiterate the movements.

Alternating hands is somewhat difficult for “uncuts” but is posible if you move the skin as little as possible and use lots of lubricants. However, IMO it’s not a good solution. I recommend a dry (in reality semi-dry, as I shall explain) jelq, with one hand, where your foreskin is anchored (I repeat) to the palm of your hand, so it glides up and down the shaft. I use Cocoa butter on the foreskin, especially where the grip takes place, to avoid hurting and/or chaffing the delicate skin. This kind of lubrication is not enough to make a wet jelq, at least not in the case of “uncuts”. Alternate hands when one becomes tired.

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