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uncircumsised strectching troubles

uncircumsised strectching troubles

Hi guys, Im uncircumsised and whenever i try and stretch the ligs i seem to be stretching the skin around the base of my penis rather than any internal tension on the ligs. What am i doing wrong? I grab from the just below the head (with the foreskin over the head) and pull in directions, ive tried to retract the foreskin but this doesnt seem to work either. Can someone please give me some insight? Ive been jelqing for awhile now, but lately ive noticed my dick only wants to get 80% erect its like its been taught to stay this erect size from my jelqing and this has turned out to be a 5mm decrease in size, so i really need to start doing these strectches correctly.

I find that generally it’s best to do it with the foreskin retracted. To get extra grip, I’d recomend using a piece of cloth or something like that over your hand. You want to be gripping behind the head, and you’ll need to grip pretty hard.

What I do is form a ring with my thumb and index finger, like for jelqing, and place that just behind the head, so that most of the finger is behind the ridge. You can then put your other hand over top for more grip if you want.

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