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Uncircumcised penis

Uncircumcised penis

Hey guys just new to the forum. Just let me know that does PE work equally good on uncircumcised penis? Or are there any changes to do the stretch exercises like do I have to pull with the glans of the penis or with the skin on the top of the glans.

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Well I ve got an uncircumsized penis and PE DOES work quite well.

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Mines uncircumcised too! I don’t really mind.

I find dry jelqs work great for gains, and it gives you a little extra skin to grow into too! But you have to really get them down,

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by olafspo
Well I ve got an uncircumsized penis and PE DOES work quite well.

I second that. Worked quite well for me as well.

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If you wanna stretch the inner part of your penis, pull the skin back and grab the exposed head and stretch from that. I’m uncut too and when I do this I find it very scary, so make sure to apply the stretch slowly until it feels good and taught. During jelqing you can have the skin rolled back or not, I use oil and if I roll the skin back it seems to stay back and gives me a slightly different sort of feel.

Good luck!

No problem for me either, I use a medical rubber glove. I don’t pull the skin back and I use an ok grip both palm up and palm down. I’m like you new to this but I find you can just get that sweet spot with a bit of grip and re-grip. Seems to be working for me I measured 1/8th more than I ever have yesterday! Get pulling man it works!

I’m uncut as well and find no major problems with PE. I actually find that it gives me certain leeway in the ways I choose to jelq, etc. For example, if I want to stretch near the base I will pull some of my skin back toward the base so that when I get a hold of the inner penis, my skin won’t stretch uncomfortably forward. Then if I want to jelq closer to the head, I’ll leave the skin as it is. In short, the extra skin helps if anything.


I always pull with the glans, but very often with a cloth or something between.

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