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Uncircumcised jelqing


Awesome man, Thanks.

Tried it tonight a little bit, and I noticed some discomfort afterwards, should I have hot-wrapped it or something? Should I have not done it right after masturbation? (You should have seen this porn vid, though)…

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Dirty ol’ Wanker ! :D

I wouldn’t worry about discomfort. What you should avoid as much as possible is cracking of the foreskin, because this will form more scar tissue, making the foreskin less flexible furthermore. If your discomfort is related to the stretching of the skin, I’d guess you’re on the right way - or if there is a little fluid build-up that’s no problem either. But jelqing after masturbation won’t have any growth-benefits according to the major opinion: the testosterone level drops after cumming, which is negative for PE results. Foreskin stretch effect will be the same, I think.

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003


Luckily, the foreskin didn’t stretch a whole lot during the Jelq, but I because flaccid faster due to having just shot the spit. I’ll refrain from beating the hamster before jelquing on Saturday, and I should have a wrap by then…

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

There is nothing wrong with “beating the hamster” as often as you feel like. But not like less than about a certain time (2 hours? - you’ll know best when you’re able to be sufficiently engorged again) before PE. There is no additional benefit in sparing the “spit” for like several days - to the contrary it has been discussed on the board that regular cumming (like once a day) is beneficial for the overall testosterone level. The dropping of the level is only short term for a certain time after cumming. And: I’d say at least 50% to 70% erection is required to achieve the foreskin stretching by jelqing - the glans should be engorged enough to stretch the skin while slipping back and forth.

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Cool. :D

So, do you wrap at all? To prevent discoloration or anything?

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

To be honest: No… but this is against all traditions. It’s just that I am an office PEer (in a bathroom cabin). No chance to hot wrap, no chance to wet jelq, no chance to hang, no chance to pump). Regarding discoloration I use to get red spots on the upper shaft, but fortunately they always disappear quickly (almost within a day). But this might be due to my minimal regime (just 100-200 jelqs (uli-squeeze like for the last 20 reps) and manual stretching).

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I’ve been jelqing with the foreskin peeled back, and I noticed some swelling around my the base of my head afterward. The swelling is painful to touch and my EQ is pretty shitty; masturbation is impossible (I wouldn’t even try). It is very sore around the base of the head and inflamed. There is like a raised ridge around the shaft in that area. I think that the foreskin, being retracted, somehow caused a lot of pressure, or something, to build-up of in this area. I have never experienced this problem jelqing with the foreskin covering the glands. I had this happen last week and thought that it was caused by not being warmed up to PE, as I’ve not done any PE in about a year. So, I only did 50 jelqs today, but wound up with the same problem.

There’s no way just 50 jelqs should cause this must soreness and discomfort. I think that retracting the foreskin may not be a good idea when you are jelqing.

(I warm up for 20 minutes and do about 10 minutes of casual stretching before jelqing.)

Strangely, after doing some stretching today in the shower, the swelling completely disappeared along with most of the soreness. It seems to be healing well, but it scared me. None of us here really know what we are doing to our bodies. I don’t know why stretching my dong out today got rid of these sore and inflamed areas that appeared around the base of my glans. I don’t know why they appeared in the first place. A lot of people here have ideas of what is going on when we do these enlargement exercises, but I don’t believe anyone really knows for sure. We are kind of exploring uncharted territory against medical advice. I’ve heard people say “you have to believe in PE for it to work” and “doctors can be wrong.” Those are not logical reasons to justify the safety of PE. The truth is, none of us know what we are doing to our bodies.

I should take a long break from PE.

Sorry for the triple post. I just wanted to add an update. After stretching yesterday, everything felt a lot better and my penis even seemed engorged. Today, erection quality is off the charts, even though a little soreness still lingers.

I experienced something along the lines of you runpleforeskin . When I jelq and force more blood into the glan with out passing it there a large buildup of fluid on the side of my penis and the more I push blood into it the bigger it gets and it scares me even tho I know it Will go away but I’ve been really wondering the fine detail on jelqijg specifically. When you retract the skin back are moving ur fingers thru the skin or are you gripping it on one piece of the skin on bring that up from sliding the inside of the penis. I’ve tried both for a short time and I’ve noticed when I move my ok grip thru the skin jelq it leave me a lil sore but it kinda feels good I used to do the moving the underskin jelq for sometime and I didnt get result but I do remember masturbating after my sessions so that could have hindered me. But yeah I wanted to know if we are moving our hands thru the skin or moving a piece of the skin up and down as we reach the glan obviously from a uncut pov

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