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Umm, Is it possible

Umm, Is it possible

Is it possible to participate in sexual activity, With the “cock rings” on.?

*Instead of cock rings I use Rubberbands like I stated before*

DUMB QUESTION* but I would like a smart answer, Thank you.

We use rubber-bands to castrate pigs in Texas.

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Is that even safe? Do you not experience pain or anything?


It’s best to use a COCK RING rather then a rubber band because the cirulation is cut off twice as hard. Using the rubber band over 10 minutes can cause damage to the nerves in the penis.

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I’ve heard of a guy using a ziptie while having sex so im sure you could ingage in a sexual activity with a rubberband on but I dont know how safe it would be. A small condom should have the same effect as a rubberband i would think.

I have sex with cockrings on, doesn’t cause me any problems. An elastic band though, I don’t know.

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Just get a cockring for like $5 bucks. Make sure it’s the stretchy type.

I’ve been using a metal cock ring to great effect :-) Increased size, hardness and sensitivity. No detrimental effects that I’ve noticed. I take it off after half an hour, though.

Cock-rings are natural viagra if you ask me… Yes you can wear them during sex.

Yea, I know it sounds dangerous but actually I have no side affects, and I’ve gained .20 in girth with the rubberbands.

I HAVE had sex with them on and there is no pain no loss of color, anything, I just wanted to know if it will like change sensitivity issues and all that.

Thanks, And I will go get one of those “cock rings” just to play it safe.

P.s Are they really for the Penis or are they some kind of transformed household item, Lol.

Has anyone tried those sleeve cock rings? They have all those bumps and ticklers on them. It looks like the go about half way down the shaft. I’m thinking that my wife would like it.


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