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Uli technique question

Uli technique question

Hey all,

I’ve looked at many posts with regards to Uli’s (including the newbie section where the description is given) and, maybe I’m an idiot, but I still can’t quite vision it. It looks like a modified power jelq to me.

This is how I infer its suppose to be done:

1) tightly grab your semi-erect penis at the base with your “ok” grip

2) Slide the tight “ok” grip about 1/2 way up the shaft.

3) Release, do a kegel to get more blood and then re-grip tightly.

4) Then with the “ok” grip, sqeeze the penis (still halfway up on the shaft) 5 times at 1 sec a piece.

Does this sound correct? Not sure if 1/2 way up the shaft is correct or should I be at the head when I do the “squeeze”.

A better step-by-step breakdown would be appreciated.



How long have you been at your routine? Ulis are considered an advanced exercise. Caution should be taken when starting them by not doing them too early off or with low intensity.

Ulis is an exercise that has evolved into one that has many styles, so there is no one way of doing them. You have the one handed uli, the two handed uli, and then you have ulis that are done with a device of some sort.

You sound like you have the idea for starting to use the uli squeeze. Start out slow and with low intensity, then experiment with the different types of ulis. You can do a search for it and you will find different variations of it.


Thanks Modemmer,

I don’t know what you would consider an “advanced” PE’er, but I’ve been doing jelq for about 6 mos. I figured at this point I could start Uni’s……..albeit very slowly at first. Don’t want to hurt anything down there.

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