ULI Questions

Hey guys I am new to this site, I have just finished my 3 month newbie routine. I am going to ease into horse 440s along with ULIs for girth. Just a few quick questions. Any feedback from would be greatly appreciated!

1) I’m going to start off every other day doing girth exercises.. But I would like to know once I get conditioned how many days on and off per week should I do if I’m going to be doing power jelq device along with horse 440s or ULIs? I was thinking 3 on 1 off..

2) is 10 sets of holding for 10 seconds sufficient for girth gains?

3) can I use the power jelq device as well to help my gains? If yes is the same day ok? If not, should I alternate days? 1 jelq 1 clamp 1 jelq then rest day .?

4) any tips before I begin this process to get good gains and stay safe?