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Uli - how to

Uli - how to

Anyone know how to perform a uli? I looked at the demonstration pictures on this site but still can’t understand the difference between uli’s and jelqing. I want to throw in a few uli’s in my jelqing routine. I can’t watch the video demonstration because I don’t have winzip or whatever it is. Also, what do uli’s do for you?

If your grip is loose enough to move your hand up the shaft it’s a jelq. If your grip is tighter, to the point where you can only move it a little way, it’s a Uli.

Have you seen Uli #3 Video and My pics and Videos… ?

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Thanks memento. What do horse440’s and uli’s work - girth? Or length? I’m not going to do the horse440 because It looks a little dangerous for me at the moment.

They are considered girth exercises. Yeah, the Horse can be an easy route to injury.

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They work for girth.

Uli’s for upper shaft and head. Horses are for lower shaft (or maybe almost whole shaft).

Take it easy- it is not for newbies.

Ok thank you both for your information

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