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ULI #3 for newbies?

ULI #3 for newbies?

After 6 weeks of PE I decided to give the ULI #3 a try. I have only gotten a few red dots before (after doing some girth blasters), but after 5 minutes of ULI #3’s my cock was full of them. Could this be a sign that it is too early for me to do this exercise? Btw, what is the normal period of time before the dots disappear?

I did simple one-handed squeezes (basically a Uli without pulling forward much) for a while as my first girth-targeted exercise. I mixed them into my jelqing session. Jelq a little, do a squeeze, jelq some more, etc.

You might be building more pressure than you need now. Also, try to adjust the skin so it isn’t stretched quite as tight when doing the Ulis. By this, I mean pull the skin up the shaft before taking your grip. Create some slack where the shaft will expand when you Uli.

High pressure under tightly stretched skin = red/purple spots.

Oddly, the more consistently you PE the fewer spots are caused by equally intense exercise. For example, I get absolutely horrible spotting and bruising on the first day of doing Extreme Ulis. The second day is similar, though not quite as bad. By the third or fourth day, I get no spotting, even doing more sets. This “immunity” to bruising continues as long as I do the EU’s every day. Take one day off, then resume, and I get bruising again. Several days off seem to supersensitize things worse than only a single day off. This phenomenon baffles me.

If you are concerned about avoiding long-lasting discoloration try to avoid techniques or schedules that cause spotting every workout. My discoloration worsened considerably when I kept going for many weeks despite bad spotting each session. The discoloration will fade (at least some) once the exercises that caused it are stopped, but it takes a long time - many months.

6 weeks should be plenty of conditioning time. I do uli 3’s also and get a spot or two, but before that I do a 15 minute warm up with the rice sock. (I so like the rice sock!) In the event I get the occasional spotting, the hot shower I take afterwards makes them disappear almost completely.

I am almost two months into PE and I just started doing Ulis. I just do 1 after each 100 jelqs, total three times. I think I am still learning the proper technique for that exercise. I haven’t gotten any red spots yet.

Mix your Ulis into your jelq routine. I think in my case 100 jelqs condition my unit enough for a set of Ulis.


I actually did them after 400 jelqs and 50 girth blasters, so I would think it would be conditioned from that.

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