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UK supplier for hose and cable clamps

UK supplier for hose and cable clamps


Does anyone know where I can get key based hose clamps and/or plastic cable clamps for doing Uli’s? I live in the UK but can only find screwdriver-based hose clamps.



There’s nothing wrong with screwdriver-based hoseclamps. You can safely use them in combination with a nutdriver. If there’s a choice in suitable hoseclamps go for the thickest kind, they’ll last longer.

Thanks - OK so can you explain nutdriver please? I know the screwdriver head is a hexagon shape so would fit into something - so you mean a small box spanner of some kind?

GirthQuest: many thanks, that’s just it.

Originally Posted by waterman888
GirthQuest: many thanks, that’s just it.

No problem. I have just ordered two, hope they are up to the job. I also have a turnkey hose clamp I sourced at focus DIY store not too keen on it to be honest.

OK what’s wrong with the turnkey clamp then?

Originally Posted by waterman888
OK what’s wrong with the turnkey clamp then?

I found it to be a bit fiddly, by all means give one a go and see if you like it.

I just ordered the one you recommended - will try that first! Did you find that Uli’s are giving you some gains?

Sorry to revive a dead thread but I got a friend who is looking for cable clamps in the UK as well.. Any help?

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