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Uh-oh! I think I over did it.

Uh-oh! I think I over did it.

My routine called for 10 mins of wet jelqing. I bought some new hand cream.

I put it on and got my semi erection. I started to force the blood forward. I did this about 6 times on each side. Then on the right side forward push a little blood vessel ruptured beneath the skin. I doesn’t hurt. I stopped immediately. But now I have a black spot on the side of my dick. It is about the size of a dot made with a magic marker.

Help! I will try hot rapping it. Is this normal? How can I make it go away?

This will fade in about a week, longer if there was a lot of subcutaneous bleeding.

Don’t fret. It’ll go away. I’ve done far, far worse.

Not so hard next time.

And so have I! I thought I had haemophilia down there on one occasion when I got carried away and even it cleared up. Just take it in moderation.

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I’ve had worse places on my eyeball. Don’t worry, give it a rest a few days and get back to it.


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Man I am glad of that. I tried to get 9 inches out of my little pee-pee all in one session. This is the first time I didnot warm up first and also the first time with hand cream.

Thanks for the quick response guys!

Do you know monument, that reminds me, I used cream also, Vaseltine intensive care lotion to be precise, could be co-incidence, but I never used it again and it never happened again. I had forgotten all about that.

Now I am wondering if that was in fact the cause.

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Hi there monument,

Don’t be to worry, it will go away in a few days. It just happened with me a few days ago do to my stupidness not doing any warm up before my PE session. After about 4 days the spot has disappear. I guess you will have to be more careful when jelqing, don’t push it too hard and DO WARM UP!. Hope you could reach 9:) , keep jelqing. Have a nice day.

There are 2 kids of PE-ers: those who have been injured, and those who are going to be injured. Consider that a warning shot. :)

I’ve had the same thing happen, early in my still-brief PE career. It scared the crap out of me, too.


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When my vein broke few weeks ago at jelqing, and it was not a small vein, midsize and very visible. It left over 2cm cross-section (blood under skin) spot there… I thought “this can take a while to heal”. Well well… after 3 days it wasn’t even visible at all. Amazing :)

Happy healing :P

That’s why warm ups are important guys


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