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Ugly veins..

Ugly veins..

Man .. I laid off on training for a few days - I’ve grown veins I don’t like that weren’t there before.. I think I may have been over training. I’m going to go a little lighter next time.

What does means ‘ugly’? More prominent veins are a ‘side effect’ of good PE, this is the general belief, it should be a sign that your penis has a better blood-flow. I doubt it is a symptom of overtraining.

Maybe you’d like to post some pics - am I misunderstanding your words?

I think you might be the first who’s had a complaint about new veins. More prominent veins are what you want, means you have great potential for good gains.

Veins give texture to a penis. Women love to feel texture.

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I guess, I find them ugly - and they are blue. I’ve always been complimented on my units looks.. I guess I’ll have to deal if I want it bigger. Tough decision.

in my mind, it’s worth the look :)

Nothing like a big veiny monster that makes women gasp. :eek2:

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

I love the veins! I Think they make it look more meatier

I guess - I took a look at some previous pictures, they were veins I already had - they are just POPPING OUT like nothing on earth. That’s fine, I just didn’t want to be growing new ones I guess. I had some spots that I took a picture of before also, I know this is normal also with pe - I’ll upload a pic in my starting pictures / progress thread since I took it.

You want it to look angry and bulging just like the incredible hulk after someone shit on Bruce Banner’s mother’s face. Except not quite so green, but that veiny look is the business!

“Oh, you’ve got a meaty one!”

Loved hearing that one!

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