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Ugly Penis Pictures

Ugly Penis Pictures

Hello everyone, I’m new here,

And I just started PE yesterday(about 3 hours after reading this site for 3 hours)

I’m going to be doing the newbie routine, using a rick sock for warming up and a hot water bottle for before the 50 kegels
And will probably work some kegels into the rest of my day,

My question is

I have read that doing PE gets you a big ugly cock with stretch marks and the like, and I was wondering if I could see pictures of this,

I already have stretch marks in some places and hate them, and I was wondering what they look like on the penis,

All the pictures I have seen have looked good, and I haven’t been able to see anything wrong with them, or anything ugly

So if some folks could post some worst case scenario pics please

P.s. I’m currently approx 6.25 BPEL and approx 5 inches girth


See pics “erect side.jpg” and “erect2.jpg” in this thread.

How did I find it? I went to the Member’s Pics forum and used the “Search this Forum” link (top right of the list of threads) with the search term “stretch marks.”

Thanks for that westla90069, I had already searched for stretch marks, and came across that page and those photos

But I couldn’t really see anything wrong with that penis, although now you have pointed it out, I think I see what your talking about

Is it the light/purplish bands going around the girth ?

If so, I don’t think they are much of a price to pay for a bigger penis, and I am thinking that they would be less noticeable on an uncut penis ?

Thanks for the reply

:-k They don’t look too serious to me either.

Anyway, welcome to Thunder’s Place dd, from another UK member, albeit an off-shore member as it were. I’m sure you will enjoy this wonderful Forum. There are lots of us Brits here now btw, there’s me and mbuc and Murph and Tit :eek: ! now Tit, he’s something else!

I”ll try to keep him busy :gulp:

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