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I’ve been reading lots of stuff here and one thing I get is that most of you guys have big fat dicks!!

I’m 6.5x4.5 hoping to reach 7x5 short term and the almighty 8x6 someday

It seems to me that my starting length is OK but my girth is pencil dick size !

No, 4.5 and 5.0 are the majority sizes that people had starting PE here.

Cool what are some averages on gain with time .what should I expect to gain in l/g from the newbie routine and how long should I do it?

Depends whether if you are a fast gainer or not. It is all different person to person.

Keep at jelqing and kegels. Wet and dry jelq. Have you started the newbie routine?

Now 8 x 5

Goal: 9 x 5.75

I’ve started the “newbie Routine” witch seems a little weak only the jelqs are a task I think I have a iron rod that needs to be punished to get any results?

Don’t underestimate the Newbie Routine AstroGlider, besides being a good introduction to PE, it will train your penis to the rigours of manual exercise and you should notice your erection quality improve. You may even gain from it too.

Of course you’re in a hurry to get to the advanced stuff and beat your ‘iron rod’ into a pulp, but to achieve PE goals you need focus and dedication. Try performing the Newbie Routine to the letter for 3 months. If you can manage that alone you’re well on your way to understanding the discipline required to making your dick bigger.

Best of luck..:up:

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