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Ugh cramps already

Ugh cramps already

I’ve been on the newbie workout routine on and off for about two weeks not with any consistency because I just don’t have the time. I do what I can on the days that I don’t have that much time, and when I do I strictly follow the newbie routine with a little variation using different stretches. I use about 5 second jelqs instead of three and I usually go 50% erect.

Just last night my girlfriend and I were having sex and she got off a little quicker than usually. She always loves to go slow until she comes, and then after she’s gotten off she likes me to go hard and fast. Anyways, last night I was on top of her, and it wasn’t any harder or faster than usual, if anything it was less because I was tired, but she tells me that I gave her cramps afterwards!

I refuse to measure until about the third month because I don’t want to be disappointed, but I doubt that I could have gained that much. Very rarely do I cause her cramps even when we have sex doggy. I don’t want to give her cramps, and I know she’s had longer because she’s told me(I’m about 6.5-6.7 BPEL) 6.1 NBPEL. I’m afraid that if I keep up with the stretching it’s gonna hurt her more. I’d rather have straight girth but what would be the best routine to do that manually? I’m not interested in spending money just yet.

Any opinions and insight would be helpful.

Well. It sounds like you want to Jelq.
Maybe 100 jelqs in the morning and 100jelqs at night.(3 second not 5)
Saves you time so you can keep it hidden.

And a really good way(I know you don’t want to spend cash) is a pump.
Just saying.

But it’s up to you.

Good luck

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Well after she comes maybe she loses her arousal a bit and thus is more likely to feel pain while having sex. Maybe she needs to have her sexual response “reprogrammed” a bit so that she doesn’t feel like it’s all over once she’s had an orgasm.

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