Types, ways to wear it.

I wrote this & posted it in the X4 forum this morning. The purpose was to help newbies differentiate in the degrees of wearing an extender, and some of the characteristics.

Non stressed:
To wear the extender so that it is just holding your penis with little or no pull or tension.
Handy if your going to be moving around, have slippage difficulties. Good way to get used to wearing an extender. You can teach your dick to quit resisting your extender. If you want to wear it under your clothes, try this first, work out the difficulties.

You have pulling force or tension (grams) adjusted in to your extender. You have mastered fastening yourself in so that you don’t slip out, and do not suffer severe circulatory problems. A mild to moderate force is employed to hold the penis in a stretched out, yet COMFORTABLE state, you can usually/easily wear the extender for about an hour. My belief is that this is the condition, when used, that perpetuates healthy growth. I like to make my sessions 1 to 2 hours, but I had to build up to that.

Over Stressed:
You keep slipping out, you have severe discoloration, it begins to cause pain. You are not accustomed to the amount of pull or tension you are trying to use. You have fastening issues that are not compatible with higher tension levels. You need to avoid this condition. You may cause cellular damage that is not cellular stretching, but is actually causing scar tissue at the cell level. Scar cells resist stretching, and do not add to penile lengthening.
If you are doing any hand manipulations, jelqing, etc, you want to keep this in mind. Plenty of newbies try to excessively hand stretch & warm up, unknowingly over doing things, causing scaring, and this can negatively impact your extender results.