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Types of Underwear to use after PE Exercise


Originally Posted by Lampwick
Poor guy. Just think how much larger he would have been had he been going commando. :)

Hahah there is not one need to mention poor guy and 8x6 in the same sentence.

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Originally Posted by Philadelph…rwear.underwear

This looks interesting. Could be like a built in cockring?

Woman have a push up bra, so this is the male kind of version.
Some man would feel more secure in it, just like woman do with a push up bra, even their tits are beautiful.
If your flaccid is little and your erect one is good, it could give a better visual representation. That’s why I personally
like this push-up boxers.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

After my session I wear nothing unless I need to go somewhere.

Hmm, good question wondered this myself. I wouldn’t recommend briefs unless they are they lucky pair that never fails you( I have a pair like that). Boxer briefs for their softness and room is what I would recommend, Alot of boxers cause chafing for me. Commando, I’ don’t do it very often, (I don’t want to get pantsed by my friends), but it’s good in emergency no comfortable underwear situations

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(Insert exceptional quote here) :P

have you guys tried pushing the penis down in a tighter underwear. it usually gives the penis a pumped up effect after a while. I think it has something to do with blood flow. I think doing that after a workout could be a good thing.

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