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types of extenders

types of extenders

Are there only 2 basic types of extenders? The noose style and a vacuum style. Also, how does an extender differ from an ADS?

This is something I also really like to know . Lately someone has allot of choice between different kind of extenders and ads .

With the ads you could wear it all day , attached to your leg or to the side and no one would even notice , the only cons with this is that the pressure is not even , when you walk the pressure would increase while when your are sitting/sleeping it’s even . Also it’s much much cheaper and in my opinion ( after spending on 3 extenders) it’s more effective and more comfortable .

With the extenders , it’s more bulky , you have to take each hour a break . The only pro with the extenders is the fact you could take progress of your force and you can increase the length with the bars while with the ads you can do it manually .

Extenders and ADS are one and the same. The only difference with commercially available devices is that they were designed to transfer wealth from you to someone else.

Extenders can apply a measured amount of force on the penis, which is enough to produce gains over long period of time (or this what they claim).
ADS, on the other hand, is designed to produce less amount of stress. this stress is just enough to keep the penis in an extended state, which help gains when combined with other types of PE.

The basic types of the extenders is exactly as you mentioned. But there is a number of modification that can be put into any commercial device, trying to make it more comfortable and hence increase the time it can be used. There is some modification on this site, search for it if you’re concerned.


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