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Types of blood flow for erections

Types of blood flow for erections

I’m not too savvy with the entire anatomy of the penis, I get the basics. But I’ve noticed that I get different types of erections which I’m guessing has to do with blood flow. Mostly it comes down to two types. One is a typical morning wood type erection, although it doesn’t have to be in the morning. With this type it’s extremely rigid/stiff but the out veins don’t seem to pop out as much and the head of the penis is not engorged.

The other kind I would describe as more “plump” or thicker. Not so rigid as the first but the head is very engorged and the veins tend to be more noticeable.

Can anyone shed some light as to why there is this difference and maybe how to get the best of both worlds here. I started taking Nox2 and noticed I can get 100% rock hard erections very easily. BUT, the head of the penis doesn’t really grow and the penis doesn’t look as pumped. When I was taking 5g of arginine a day I had the second type of erection I described; it was thicker yet softer. I’m guessing physical contact and the mental aspects play a role in it somewhat. But I’m just wondering what is behind this difference.. Or maybe my penis is just weird?

Yeah, my morning woods are way smaller than a normal one!

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