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Two quick questions

Two quick questions

Hi fellow PE’ers, First of all apologies upfront because English is not my first language but I will try my best.

So OK, I have been PEing for about six months now with pretty good consistency and I have noticed that my penis has become really vascular or manly as I would describe it, is this a sign of penis growth or better penis health as I have noticed new veins appearing occasionally during my short PE career :) .. Second question is that I joined this site few years back when there was alot of talk about the LOT theory which has seem to have subsided now in discussion forums.. Has the theory been debunked or is it still valid ? Sorry again if my writing style is a bit difficult to understand.

no pain,no gain

Well I can understand your English (so it has to be really horrible :D )

More and bigger veins are good, yeah.

LOT theory is not considered valid by most respected vets. Hope this helps.

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