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Two questions.

Two questions.

First of all, is it possible that low testosterone levels be linked to the growth of pubic hair? For example, usually when I shave my pubic hair it regrows quite fast but after the last shave, it kinda stopped growing after about 1 cm of length.and I also have had low T symptoms.

Also, does anyone else notice that their girth is bigger at 90% erection than 100%?

My girth under the glans is 4.25 when I measure at 100% but about 4.4 at 90%.

Thanks in advance

I definitely notice my girth is bigger at 80-90% erection, my dick gets a bit shorter and thicker at those erection levels.

Your dick getting thinner at full erection is simply that it is being dran rorward to it’s full length so more pressure is put on the penis as the skin is stretched. rather like stretching a baloon.

I can’t really give help on your first question But I would be surprised it it did Particularly in the short time scale you mention

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Interesting. It always feels fuller when not 100% erect. I should measure one day to see the difference.

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