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Two questions.

Two questions.

Hey guys, haven’t posted here in a couple weeks, anyway.

So, I’ve been looking into bed fowfers, but I’m unsure how to correctly perform them, maybe I am doing it right. Anyway what I do is take my penis and tuck it from the left of my testicles (it hurts like hell if I don’t) then I put it behind my legs and clamp my legs together, but doing this doesn’t make my penis feel like it’s stretched or anything, am I doing it right?

I decided to stop jelqing for the time being, considering I have a pretty fat girth anyway, and I decided to only do stretching, I do 30 seconds each way, including rotary and BTC, also the one that physics teacher came up with, (forget it’s name though) I’m wondering if adding anymore types of stretches would be a good idea, and if so which ones?


I thought bed fowfers was to prevent it from turtling? Could be wrong, and to my knowledge there are A stretches and V stretches as well. Jelqing is also a good way to condition your penis to the hell it awaits in the more advanced stages of pe, not to mention it improves EQ! I would personally toss the jelqing back into the routine, and never forget the warm up and warm down. The newbie routine was put together for a reason my good friend, but to each their own. Maybe some of the og’s can give some more precise advice.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

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